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We have an interesting statistics.
There are very few people who feel quite happy with their lives.

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Between 1946 and 1991, income per capita in the United States rose by a factor of 2.5.
The figure also shows that this tremendous rise in wealth was accompanied by a modest decrease in happiness.

Are You One of Them?
If you have been working normally as an ordinary citizen in society, do you think are you able to attain the satisfaction you're searching for?

Some declare life as wonderful and fulfilling, while others decry it as empty and meaningless.

What makes the difference?

It is simply to know the root cause of suffering.
This principle is only taught in Eastern Ideas.
Getting a job or a growing economy does not affect happiness.
No matter how rich you may be, you can't become happy without knowing this secret.

A small misstep in the beginning will gradually become worse as time passes by.
And, by the time you realize this, it will be too late.
That is why I am writing to you and to people like you about the Secret of Eastern Ideas.
The only solution is within it.
It has been taught since more than 2600 years ago.
The answer is easier than you think.

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