Only one simple way to find the ultimate meaning of life.

It is rare for a person to meet the purpose of life that is taught in Buddhism.

Sakyamuni Buddha said,
This is more difficult than to drop a wire at the pinnacle of the Himalayan mountains and have it pass through the hole of a sewing needle.
You have found the real purpose of life right now.

how can you achieve the purpose of life

Then, how can you achieve the purpose of life, solve the crucial matter of afterlife, and attain the absolute happiness. This is determined by "Shukuzen."
In other words, It means past life goodness. Then, do you have any Shukuzen?

How are you able to know whether you have it or not?

How are you able to know whether you have it or not?_ "Shukuzen" is expressed in your willingness to listen to Buddhism.
If you do not have this, then you are not able to listen to Buddhism.
You are probably reading this website because of your willingness to listen to Buddhism.
That's nice!
You have Shukuzen.
If you don't have willingness to listen to Buddhism, then you would have never read this site or have even found it.

You have already been taught of the purpose of life because of Shukuzen, however, have you achieved it?
There are people who have listened to Buddhism for thirty years and not have achieved it.
And there are people who have listened just a day before and achieved the following day.

Why is there a difference?

It depends on the thickness or thinness of Shkuzen.

People with thick Shukuzen are able to be salvaged faster.
People with thin Shukuzen are salvaged slower.

There are many people with thin Shukuzen, however few people with thick Shukuzen.

There once was a person named Mimishiro who was salvaged quickly.

However, He went to a temple not to listen to Buddhism but to steal something.
When he hid under the floor, the sermon began.
He decided to wait until the sermon has ended.
However, as he began listening, it was as though the lecture was talking about him.

He thought, "This is about me. He must know that I am listening."
He sat up straight.

And It is said that he was salvaged by this sermon.

Because of his excessive happiness, he came up from the floor!
People with thick Shukuzen are able to listen as though the lectures are about them.
When listening to Buddhism, the person feels that it is talking about him or her.

How do you feel if people are talking about you?
Your ears become keen.
Similarly, there are people who want to listen to Buddhism as much as this.

However, such people are rare.

You may be curious about whether your Shukuzen is thick or thin.

Young leaves and Mature leaves

Let's compare people with thin Shukuzen as young leaves and people with thick Shukuzen as mature leaves.

Young leaves do not burn well with the fire of Buddhism.
A blunt sound can be heard and yellow smog rises.

However, when fire is applied to mature leaves, they burn quickly.

You can find this out clearly when you listen to Buddhism.
Which one are you?

But even if you are a young leaf, as the fire is being applied to you, water will evaporate, and you become a mature leaf.
Eventually, the thin Shukuzen will become thick and you will be salvaged.

Then, how can you make your Shukuzen thicker?

In Buddhism, listening is extremely important.
The most important thing that makes Shukuzen thicker is listening to Buddhism seriously.
You can be salvaged only by listening to Buddhism.

Buddhism teaching is logical and understandable. Therefore you are able to comprehend and listen.
Eventually, one day, you are solved the crucial matter of afterlife and become the absolute happiness.

This path is descriptively taught in Buddhism. Until the goal is reached, the most important thing is listening to Buddhism.
We have Buddhist seminars and we would recommend you to come to these lectures.