Questions regarding happiness.

I would like to answer the questions regarding happiness.

Q1. Why is the meaning of life happiness?

A1. People are in search of happiness.
There is no one who would go against this idea.
Working day and night, persevering the harshness of life, studying at full expense, and even someone who commits suicide all look for happiness.

Q2. Maybe, people are not looking for just happiness.

If people are not looking for happiness, What are they looking for?
For example, a person dies to save the earth, this is a magnificent, isn't it?
Then, do you think a person who risked their life for earth did not looking for happiness? Isn't the idea of saving and contributing for people happiness?

In contrast, if your sacrifice was a meaningless, you would regret doing so. Isn't that a tragedy?
Whether you survive or not is not an issue, isn't it because you believe that your deeds have contributed to society is happiness?

Q3. life is said to full of pain, but I think it's pretty fun.

A3. The time you are able to say this may not so long.
In Buddhism, this is called "Sho gyo mu jo" which means that everything in the world moves on and change.
Health, money, status, family and talent may be a happiness for now. However, that is for a limited amount of time.
Parents that have lost their child from a car accident, wife who has lost her husband from a disease, a athlete who lost his ability to keep an playing the sport, a businessman who has lost his job because of restructuring and a student who has broken up with a lover...
All of these people experienced a betrayal from the ones they believed in.
There are the hues and cries of the feeling of betrayeal.
Ultimately, death approaches.
In the last moments of death, you are betrayed by all of the ornaments in this world.
Is there any tragedy greater than this?
That huge problem may occur today.
That is like singing and dancing on a volcano's crater.