Is the meaning of life contributing to society?

Since most people think only about themselves, it is spectacular that one would say that they are living to improve and help society.

In Buddhism, there is a word called "Jiririta."
"Jiri" means to save oneself.
"rita" means to save others.

So, "Jiririta" means to save oneself and at the same time save others.

To profit for oneself means to profit for others.
The profit of others means the profit for oneself.

Jiri directly turns into Rita.
And, Rita directly turns into Jiri.

This is the path of bodysattva.

if Jiririta is not taught, then it is not true Buddhism.
people who only think about themselves are sure to be demolished.

This idea is "garigari."

"If I could save myself then who cares about others."
If you only care about your profits and do not have a feeling for caring about others, then you will have no future.

The true spirit of Buddhism is "Jiririta."

Humans help each other, and improve society in order to live better.
The will to contribute to society is fantastic.
politics, economy, science, medicine, art and sports all help to live a happier life and become salvaged from suffering.
politics and economics' balance, medicine and science' improvement, resolution for environmental problems and the contribution to society and humankind are researches, innovation and hard work on how to live which is "what can I do in order for more people to become happier?"
Indeed, the idea of "contributing to society" is a fantastic way of living, however, this is not the purpose of life or the meaning of life.
Then, what is the true purpose of life?
The answer is in Buddhism.
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