Meaning of life Mizuki I am Mizuki Osanami,
a lector of the Buddhism.
Thank you for looking at my profile.

I would like to share with you why I decided to become the lector of the Buddhism.


Thirty years ago in Japan, I was born in a town famous for Soy sauce production.
Elementary school life was fairly enjoyable, but junior high school was quite different.
Strict rules were applied everywhere and my grades soon started to slip.
In high school I entered the soccer club but with no prospect of becoming a starting member.
Being a very shy boy at the time, I was rejected by my first real love.
“Why do I have to go through this much pain?”
I pondered daily in despair.


The Univ. of Tokyo Meaning of life Univ of Tokyo

Around that time, I developed a kind of admiration for Einstein whom I learned about on TV.
“I want to become a famous Physicist who goes down in history.”
When I confessed my plan to my parents, they said they could send me to university but couldn’t afford to pay for cram school.
My friends ridiculed me saying such a thing wasn’t possible for me. But believing it better to take on at least one big challenge in life than playing it safe, I started my studies in the junior year of high school.

Soon I discovered the studies to be very tough.
After every exam, the results indicated I couldn’t pass the university of my choice and I was suggested to try for a different school.
Amidst great anxiety and fear, in order to somehow become a physiologist, I studied in living hell for 18 hours a day for over a year.


It was on the day before the university entrance exam, a very cold winter morning, when I was riding my bike to the library.
A red sports utility vehicle came running right at me from the side.
“It’s gonna crash into me!”
I realized, and everything in front of me turned pitch dark.
The memories of everything that happened in my life ran through my head, making me wonder “what was my life all about?” throwing me into the air helplessly.

When I opened my eyes, I was lying on the ground.
The front mirror of the car that hit me had shattered into pieces and the bike I was riding bent in half.
My body had flown upwards but luckily I was unhurt.
The driver of the car was all pale, in complete shock.
I, too, in a state of shock, felt like forgetting about university entrance exam all together, but when I thought about all the hard work I had put into it, I didn’t feel like giving up just yet.
We decided to privately settle the accident, and I went straight to the library with shaking knees.


The front gate Meaning of life Frontgate

The following April, when cherry trees in full bloom, I became a student of the most elite university in Japan, "University of Tokyo."
Having advanced greatly towards my dream, I felt as if I was walking on clouds.
But at the same time, realizing the joyous time of high school had passed so quickly brought a sense of sadness, and soon I was unable to enjoy the university life I had so much dreamed of.

It was around the end of the first term(July), invited by a classmate, that I was blessed with the chance to listen to Buddhism lecture.


Meaning of life Courtyard “People live not for knowledge, status, or fame.
It is in order to have the root cause of suffering eradicated and attain absolute happiness, eternal happiness.”

For me, someone in pursuit of education, Buddhism’s words had a tremendous impact.
When I realized the words were grounded in the deep teachings of Buddhism, I was overflowed with joy of having met the truth.

As I listened further to the teachings, I started to feel that pursuing endlessly the path of Physics may bring me no happiness.
On that cold winter day, being hit by a car, my whole life could’ve been destroyed.
If I dedicate my life solely to the wrong cause, without knowing the root cause of suffering, how much regret would I feel at the end of my life?

Until then, I had given my whole life to the path of knowledge.
But my mind was set on living my life for the truth, for Buddha’s teachings.
I am determined to convey thoroughly to those who are in suffering about the root cause of suffering.


Bachelor's degree
(Liberal arts) Meaning of life Degree
Across the centuries, the true teaching of Buddhism have helped untold millions in Asian countries to hear the message of the meaning of life.
It is my great hope and dream that this website may convey Buddhism to millions more around the world, so that they too may enter into true and lasting happiness.

Thank you very much.

Meaning of life Mizuki

Mizuki Osanami