How to transform all suffering to joy without effort

Do you know Musahi Miyamoto?
Meaning of life Musashi
He was the greatest Samurai who has never been defeated in his numerous confronts that exceeds more than sixty battles.

Musashi has a secret way to win no matter how many enemies there are.

When Musashi has asked how he achieves that victories,
He responded that the defeated do not know that there is pattern to losing.
Most people deal with boss's henchmen who are weaker than boss.
However, there are many henchmen and they do not cease attacking.
In contrast, there is only one boss and the boss in usually hiding behind the henchmen.

Even in gangs, the henchmen attack one after another.
In the end, the hero confronts the boss a one-on-one battle.
This may be possible in the movies, however reality does not work this way.
While straggling over the henchmen, the hero loses energy and becomes extremely tired.

So even if the hero is able to beat the henchmen he may lose to the boss whom could have been beaten.

Musashi uses the secret way to win.
Secret #1 Find the boss
Do not waste time and energy on the henchmen.

Secret #2 Defeat the boss first.
If you are impeded by the henchmen then you must take care of them. But, there is no need to deeply confront them.
This is because you must defeat the boss in order to win the fight.

What would happen when the boss is defeated, Since the boss is the strongest among the group the henchmen will end up running away.
Most people are busy dealing with the henchmen, however, Musashigoes to defeat the boss first.

This is similar to our lives.

"The henchmen" represent our several troubles and difficulties.
For example, exams, debts, lay-offs, bad relationships with friends and families are all henchmen in life.
These problems keep on attacking our daily lives.

When problems appear right right before our lives, we put all of our concentration on that problem.
However, life scoffs at our anxieties and there will be a boss that will attack with no warning what-so-ever.
That is, in contrasts to our will to stay alive, we must ultimately die.

When you are able to defeat the boss which is "the crucial matter of the afterlife," you end up in "the path of no hindrance"

What is "the path of no hindrance"

"hindrance" expresses several troubles. These are henchmen.
In order to complete these problems, much energy is spent.
As a result, you end up be defeated by the boss.

However, if you are able to defeat the boss, then the henchmen pose no threat to you.
That is, no matter how many problems there are, those problems will not bother you.
when you are able to go into "the path of no hindrance," it does not necessarily meant that your illness will care or that your debts will be gone.

These constraints are present, they will not be of any disturbances and you can enjoy perfect freedom.

This is also called "HeZeGoJo" or "Riyaku of Sesshu Fusha"
This is taught in Buddhism.
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