Why is there NO goal in your life?

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When at last I came
to the peak that I had thought
would surely be the last,
I turned my eyes to the way beyond-
mountain piled on mountain.

Do you know this verse?
It compares life as mountain climbing.
Life is like mountain climbing.

Walking up a hill is tiring.
So, when you reach the top of the hill, if you feel at ease however you only find a larger hill awaiting.
You are forced to walk of the hill and you feel that you could finally be at ease when you reach the toore larger .hill awaiting again.p of the hill only to find a

Wherever you are going there is no goal.

For example, in school, you suffer from relationships,
You feel that I would like for this class to end.
However, even if the class ends not much has changed.

You feel that you will be more happy when you enter the business world but you only find more tough obstacles of wating.
This is;

When at last I came
to the peak that I had thought
would surely be the last,
I turned my eyes to the way beyond-
mountain piled on mountain.

Getting a job, having trouble with money, accidents, diseases and fear of being laid off,
After conquering a hill another one keeps on coming.
Is it not this cycle?

This cycle does not change even if you reach the top.

In 1992, Japanese boxer Katsuya Onizuka became junior bantamweight champion of the world. Though he reached the pinnacle of his sport and even went on to defend his crown, a sense of lasting fulfillment eluded him. Onizuka confesses that his life was an endless cycle of seeking and failing to find what he was looking for.

When I was a kid, I thought a world boxing champion was
like Superman. Next thing to God. If an ordinary Joe like me
could ever climb that high, how great a human being would I
be? That single thought is what kept me going.
But then when I won, it was nothing like what I expected.
"You mean this is it?" I'd think. "How come I don't get anything
out of it?" I'd tell myself, "Surely the next time, it'll be
different. I'll gain something." Hoping against hope, I went
on fighting, match after match.but nothing ever changed.
The night after a match, it drove me crazy to think I had
survived yet again without finding what I was looking for. I
wanted to jump for joy, but I only felt more and more unfulfilled
and frustrated. The same thing happened over and over,
up to and including my very last fight.

meaning of life john

John Lennon from the Beatles also says,
The Beatles earned enough money than they wanted and gained much fame but realized that there is nothing.

Bertrand Russell said,
Meaning of life Russell
Bertrand Arthur William Russell (1872 - 1970)

If you desire glory, you may envy Napoleon. But Napoleon envied Caesar, Caesar envied Alexander, and Alexander, I daresay, envied Hercules, who never existed. You cannot, therefore, get away from envy by means of success alone, for there will always be in history or legend some person even more successful than you are.
"The Conquest of Happiness." by Bertrand Russell

Why is there NO goal in your life?

When you gain something then you become temporary happy.
Do you think that this is temporary because you become accustomed to it?

No, it is not so sweet.

When you seek something you try hard to attain this.
But even if you attain the thing desired, you will not be truly satisfied actually.
You seek more and more.

When you gain more and more you seek for more and more.
This is called "Katsuai" in Buddhism.

If you are floating on a small boat on top of a vast ocean, you become thirsty.
Since you become so thirsty you drink the ocean water.
At first, you become satisfied, but after a little while you become even more thirsty
 More you drink the ocean water you become more thirsty and eventually die.

Why is there NO goal in your life?
This is because the more you gain the more you seek.
This is dangerous that you are seeking countless avarice in such a limited life.
Then what should you do?
Buddhism has clearly showed this answer.
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