Questions about the meaning of life

I would like to answer the questions regarding the meaning of life.

Q1. Can I live without the meaning of life?

A1. What do you live for? That is your meaning of life.
If you are to think of living as swimming, In an ocean where you can only see the sky and sea, how are you going to swim?

Q2.If my life today is so fun, then, what's the point of thinking of the meaning of life?

A2. What kind of fun is that?
As a desire is satisfied, discontent and pain go away, and the agreeable sensation experienced in the process is what we find gratifying.
For example, when you are thirsty and take a drink of Coca-Cola, you immediately experience the "pause that refreshes." That initial burst of pleasure is ephemeral, however. As one sip follows another, your thirst is gradually relieved, and the sense of exhilaration declines proportionally.
What you are actually enjoying is the process of your thirst lessening. In the total absence of thirst, drinking a Coca-Cola (or any other drink) would turn into a rather painful experience.
It is exactly like scratching an itch.
keep it up too long, and the place will stop feeling good and start to hurt instead.
Where dissatisfaction ends, pain begins. This well-known phenomenon, known to economists as the law of diminishing marginal utility, is observable in all sorts of situations.
Are not people looking for happiness that will not go away?
Not one that goes away not just today but one that lasts forever.

Q3. So what? Trying to figure out the meaning of life is depressing. Why not immerse myself in something I enjoy, have some fun? That's enough for me.

A3. continue the analogy between hobbies and alcohol.that is like saying, "Nothing tastes as good as alcohol. Life is nothing without it. Anyone who doesn窶冲 drink is a fool."
In fact, there are people who declare, "Who needs alcohol or drugs when life itself is wonderful!"
Once you have found the meaning of life, then you no longer need to hide your pain and loneliness.

Q4. I'm happy right now, so I do not need a meaning of life.

A4. That is up to you, but are you satisfied with a happiness that is ephemera!
Even if you say that "since I'm happy right now I'm fine with that." But you will never say "since today is so fun, I do not mind suffering tomorrow."
If you are to think this way, you could buy anything you want and eat anything you want to eat by using credit card. This will be fun for you today, but miserable the next day.
Doesn't the idea of having fun today mean happiness that lasts tomorrow, the day after, ten years, twenty years, and so on?
That lasting happiness is the meaning of life.

Q5. If I achieve the purpose of life, Then, wouldn't my life be boring because I have nothing to do?

A5. Things that become boring after you accomplish them are hobbies and interests.
That is not a purpose of life.
If you are to think of life as an airplane traveling without a destination, the hobbies and interests stated above would be the airplane food and movies. This kind of happiness does not last.
In this case, the purpose of life is the airplane's destination.
There is no passenger that will become bored of knowing of the plane's destination.
Since you are able to know of the destination, you are able to enjoy the food and movies on the airplane.

Q6. I enjoy following the path I am on; it doesn't matter where it leads.

A6. Can you be certain it will last?
As Durkheim points out in his work Suicide, without an attainable goal, the act of walking is pleasurable only so long as we remain blind to its uselessness.
After casting a dispassionate eye on where we have come from and where we are headed, how could anyone claim that a life of endless seeking, or the simple act of walking without a goal, could bring lasting pleasure?