What is the real happiness?

What do you think of the meaning of life?

You may say, "being happy."

For example, labors work hard for their happiness.
Students, too, study hard for their own happiness.

Moreover, people who kill themselves are seeking for happiness because they think suicide give them a peace. No one contradicts this idea.

Pascal, French philosopher said,
Meaning of life pascal
Blaise Pascal (1623-1662)
"All men seek happiness. This is without exception. Whatever different means they employ, they all tend to this end. …
This is the motive of every action of every man, even of those who hang themselves."
("Pensees" by Pascal)

All men seek happiness.
The twentieth century, when technology advanced rapidly but true abundance lagged behind, has been characterized as an age of anxiety. Blessed with material goods, many people lack for nothing, yet deep down they are discontent, filled with a vague, pervasive sense of unease and emptiness.

Life is vaguely pleasant in its way, and fulfilling. But in its way it is also a bore. Day after day, the same routine.

Even though you look for happiness, why aren't you happy?

Because you don't know what difference of two types of happiness are.

One is "Relative Happiness."
It defines that you feel happy when you compare your happiness with others.

For example, if you get points of eighty out of hundred on a test, are you happy or not?
You may not happy if average points are ninety.
On the other hand, if average points are ten, you are an excellent student.

Eighty points is neither happy nor unhappy.

Like this, happiness is relative.
So you feel happy at first if you compare with others.

Do you think you can feel happy if you hit jackpot seven million dollars in lottery. It is obvious you feel happy comparatively because most other people have not won it.

However, if you tell someone that you won seven million dollars in the lottery. Then he answered, "Congratulation, but I won twice."

You may not become happy.
Important thing is the object of what compare with.

You can feel happy if you compare with someone inferior than you.
However you cannot feel happy in opposite.
There are lots of superior people than you in the world.

You are not able to become truly happy with relative happiness. You are deceived by it because it is exiting, realistic and attractive.
It is fake.
You don't know true happiness. True happiness is the other one.

"Absolute Happiness."

The other one is "Absolute Happiness."

What is "Absolute Happiness?"

In Buddhism, True happiness is called "Riyaku of Sesshu Fusha"

"Riyaku" means peace, satisfaction and joy which refer as happiness.
"Sesshu" means embraced firmly and satisfied completely.
"Fusha" means never forsaken and changed.

It is completely fulfilled and never collapsed.
That is why it is called "Absolute Happiness."
The true meaning of life is Absolute Happiness, not fake one.

Most people cannot become truly happy because they do not realize the difference between these two.
Buddhism can teach you what is "Riyaku of Sesshu Fusha," the Absolute Happiness.

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