Is The meaning of life hobby?

Many people would say they are happiest when engrossed in a hobby.
What is your hobby?
Time passes quickly when you are doing a hobby.
Since you are having fun, you might think "This much time passed already!?"
You are able to forget reality.
Yes, you forget the reality.
The boss's tantrum, or an upcoming meeting with someone you dislike, the more you feel uninterested the more you want to escape reality and do a hobby. When you face work that you dislike, you try to escape by watching Television. Or hanging out with friends.
But since the pleasure of a hobby or other fulfilling activity is temporary, like the satisfaction obtained from gratifying a desire, once it is over you are confronted once again with grim reality in the form of tiresome homework, an overflowing inbox, or piled-up household chores.
In "The Conquest of Happiness," philosopher Bertrand Russell wrote,

"Fads and hobbies … are in many cases, perhaps most, not a source of fundamental happiness, but a means of escape from reality, of forgetting for the moment some pain too difficult to be faced."

The pleasure of losing oneself in a hobby is thus a way of killing time to gain a temporary diversion from pain. It is much like the drunkard who is able to forget his debts and enjoy himself only when he is in his cups.
Someone may scoff, "So what? Trying to figure out the meaning of life is depressing. Why not immerse myself in something I enjoy, have some fun? That's enough for me." continue the analogy between hobbies and alcohol.that is like saying, "Nothing tastes as good as alcohol. Life is nothing without it. Anyone who doesn't drink is a fool."
In fact, there are people who declare,
"Who needs alcohol or drugs when life itself is wonderful!"
Once you have found the purpose of life, then you no longer need to hide your pain and loneliness. Indeed, when you attain the purpose of life, each passing moment becomes more radiant than all the stars in the sky.
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