Will you regret your life when you die?

Do you know about a Chinese story called "Issuinoyume."

A young boy named "Rosei" meets an old man named "Ryo'o"at an inn.

He lamented his misfortune of having to be a farmer even though he has education and many abilities.
Ryo'o gave him a pillow. Rosei received it and slept with it. At the same time, the master of the inn was steaming a millet dumpling.
After a while Ryosei marries a daughter of an honorable family and became rich. He lived a wealthy and prosperous life.
After a while Ryosei marries a daughter of an honorable family and became rich. He lived a wealthy and prosperous life.
He passes a very difficult state examination called "Kakyo" the following year. He succeeded with flying colors. Eventually he became the Prime Minister. From that point on he governed the county for ten years. No one could match his political power or status.

Also his sons succeeded to attain high status. His family became prosperous and he was surrounded by many beautiful women. However, when he was around 80 years old, he could not go against old age and he was unable to even rise up.
He leaves his fortune and status behind and passes away alone.
At that moment, He wakes up with a yawn.
the master's millet dumpling had not yet been cooked and everything was the way it was before.
"Oh it was just a dream."
Ryo'o laughingly said, "Life is nothing but this in this world."
Ryosei understood life clearly and he gave up becoming a public official. He thanked Ryo'o and went back to his village.

At the moment of death

Pleasures are as fleeting as a dream, we know, and such happiness as we lay claim to is a phantom thing, a will-o'-the-wisp. Time may be on our side for now, but the day is not far when we will be stripped of all we have. Let us hear what Buddhism has to teach on this.

At the moment of death, nothing one has previously relied on, whether wife and child or money and treasure, will accompany one. At the end of the mountain road of death, one must cross the river all alone.

To rephrase, nothing one has depended on in life, neither family, nor money, nor things, is of any help when it comes time to die. Abandoned by all, one must depart this world alone. Stripped naked, where is one to go?
Many people have an image of a happy death as being one surrounded by a beloved spouse and many children and grandchildren, and indeed the support of family and friends can help us through the journey of life. But at the last moment, our hand drops from theirs and we are completely alone.
Just as the moment beautiful blossoms must eventually fall, at the end of this life, what ever money and treasure we have struggled to amass, whatever honor or status may be ours, will all fall away. Each of us must depart this earth alone. What could be sadder than this? Everyone on earth is headed for this great tragedy. Buddhism, however, made clear for all humanity the existence of absolute happiness.
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